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Ludlow began as a water stop for the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad back in 1883, and then it found additional use as a stop along Route 66 in 1926. When I-40 was completed in 1972, the settlement essentially shifted a few hundred yards to the north to accommodate the traffic's new main path.

Today, Ludlow is mostly a ghost town with a few services for passing travelers, save for the streamline modern-styled Ludlow Café. Though the café originally opened in 1940, it recently began a renovation process that is sure please.

Near Ludlow is another crater, the Pisgah Crater, another volcanic cinder cone. The Pisgah has a diameter of 1,600 feet and stands 321 feet tall, although its shape has been compromised through a combination of mining operations and natural erosion. It's about 2.5 miles south of Route 66.

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