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In the heavily populated city of Fontana look for Bono's Restaurant, long since closed after serving Italian food to travelers for decades. You'll also find an orange juice stand (which creatively enough, looks like an orange). They used to populate this area all up and down Route 66 and other roads, but today this is pretty much the last one left.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Fontana had a popular drag strip that eventually closed. But, what's old is new again – in 1997, the Auto Club Speedway went up, and once again Fontana hosts NASCAR and NHRA races of all kinds.

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Trivia: During World War II, Henry Kaiser built a large steel mill just outside the Fontana city limits. At the time, it was the only steel mill in the country west of the Mississippi River. The Auto Club Speedway is built on the former site of the mill.

At Sierra Avenue, a hop south about a mile will bring you to Tibbie's Center Stage Theatre, a recently renovated Art Deco structure that went up in 1937.

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