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Little Daggett was once a business hub in the Mojave Desert, serving as the main outfitting point for mines in Death Valley, the Calicos, Vanderbilt, and dozens of other locations. Mines in the area – especially with silver and borax – gave rise to industry and key rail lines through the town still keep it an important transportation point.

More recently, Daggett became a center for solar power, formerly hosting large solar heating plants and now serving as a research and training base for maintaining solar power panels and facilities.

Trivia: The famous 20 Mule Team Borax trademark was named after the method of hauling borax across the desert to markets east. For several years, Daggett served as the terminal of the real 20 Mule Team.

The Historical Society at the Daggett Museum preserves Daggett’s interesting past, open afternoons on the weekend. Another interesting stop is Alf's Blacksmith Shop on First Street, built in 1894 to replace an earlier rendition that was destroyed by fire.

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