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Cajon Pass

Cajon Pass is without a doubt one of the most famous gateways in the nation. As you get close to the Cajon Summit, look for the Oak Hills exit.

Route 66 runs along and sometimes under Interstate 15 here, where it is locally known as Cajon Boulevard. Whether on Cajon Blvd. or taking the express route on I-15, it is a breathtakingly beautiful drive.

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At the junction of California Highway 138, head west to check out some interesting rock formations. Locally known as the Mormon Rocks, but officially called Rock Candy Mountains, the formations are Swiss cheese-esque at times, with holes poked out by the wind and weather over the course of the centuries. The formations are spread out for some distance along Highway 138 and also on nearby Highway 2.

To re-engage with Old Route 66 beyond the pass area, follow I-15 to Exit 129 at Cleghorn Road. Just west, parallel to I-15, you can jump on Cajon Blvd., which runs for several miles along the San Andreas Fault (live dangerously, why not?).

You have to re-join I-15 either at Exit 134 (Kenwood Avenue) or follow it to a small ramp that re-joins the freeway, because the old road gets cut off at the I-15/I-215 interchange. To re-join Route 66 (Cajon Blvd.), follow I-215 south to the first exit, called Devore Ave. Cajon Blvd. continues again just to your right, and the old road dead-ends further back where you can find some bars and motels that once thrived on this stretch of 66.

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