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Beverly Hills

With the widely recognizable sign, Route 66 enters Beverly Hills with a zip code almost everyone knows: 90210.

As Santa Monica Boulevard, Route 66 passes right by some notable landmarks, including Beverly Hills City Hall and the shopping district that includes Rodeo Drive, where you can open your wallet as wide as possible for all kinds of upscale merchandise. Traffic through here is almost always backed up, so expect a few delays. Don't worry, though; there is plenty to see while you wait at the stoplights.

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Feel like doing some sightseeing in Beverly Hills? We can't blame you, and there are plenty of options to check out.

Trivia: Despite the upscale urban setting, Beverly Hills is also an "oil town." The Beverly Hills Oil Field has been pumping crude since 1900 and still produces between 500,000 and one million barrels of oil every year.

Through Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Boulevard gets wider and often faster, as you re-enter the city of Los Angeles again, in an area known as Century City. Buildings around you include the Fox Plaza, the 35-story tower many will recognize as Nakatomi Plaza from the movie Die Hard.

Throughout L.A., you'll notice numerous billboards – and in some cases massive displays on the sides of buildings – advertising movies and TV shows; nowhere in L.A. is that more common than in this area. Want to know what the studios and networking are pushing? Just check out the signs.

Santa Monica Boulevard crosses under the famous 405 Freeway, one of the busiest in the world. On the other side, Route 66 enters West L.A., a popular neighborhood and commercial district with a lot of local shops and restaurants. It's also home to a large concentration of car dealerships and service shops, so if your car is in need of anything after the long Route 66 trip, you might find what you need around here.

Through West L.A. on Santa Monica Boulevard, don't be surprised if traffic keeps you at a slow crawl on any afternoon day. It just might be worth a stop at Café 50's to enjoy a malt, a burger, and more Route 66 ambiance.

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