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New Mexico

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The first significantly sized city along Route 66 in northern New Mexico is Tucumcari. In fact, it's the largest city between Amarillo and Albuquerque.

You’ve probably seen Tucumcari on Route 66 memorabilia, on old postcards, or if you watched the TV show "Rawhide" – many scenes from the show were filmed here.

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For decades along Route 66, Tucumcari was a popular overnight stop, owing to being the largest city between Amarillo and Albuquerque. At night, the city still sparkles with neon glow, from the old motel signs and newer buildings that decided to incorporate the neon because, let's face it, it looks cool.

Remember back in Pontiac, Illinois, when they promised "1,000 miles of murals from Pontiac to Tucumcari"? Well, you've covered those 1,000 miles, you're in Tucumcari, and there are plenty of murals.

For many of the murals, it pays to head downtown, which is north of Route 66 via 1st or 2nd Streets. The old railroad depot downtown is in a long process of restoration, but there are plenty of shops, great old architecture, and other slices of western Americana to check out, including movies at the Odeon Theater, music at Danford Dan’s Music Shop, and the Fort Bascom Trading Post.

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