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New Mexico

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Santa Rosa

The next town along Route 66 is Santa Rosa, which calls itself the "City of Natural Lakes" - an impressive feat in the New Mexico desert. Santa Rosa lies on the famous Pecos River, has 12 spring-fed lakes in the region, and offers scuba diving in the famous Blue Hole.

It's remarkable enough to see a body of blue water in this part of New Mexico. In fact, views of open water haven't been common along Route 66 since Missouri.

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Along Route 66, Santa Rosa has two sections – the section north of Interstate 40, which is a long commercial stretch featuring the Route 66 Automobile Museum, and the section south of I-40. Either way, heading through Santa Rosa on Route 66 brings you a wide variety of restaurants and other businesses that make the "golden era" of this road come alive.

In downtown Santa Rosa, the county seat business of Guadalupe County comes alive at the County Courthouse, constructed in 1909 on 4th Street just off the main Route 66. It should be noted, however, the pre-1937 alignment of the highway did go past the Courthouse.

Across the street, the Lake City Diner is a good, recently re-opened option for café and diner food. It's housed in a building older than the courthouse; built in 1901, what now holds the Lake City Diner was once a bank and the women’s department section of a local clothing store.

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