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New Mexico

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The “Land of Enchantment,” as its license plates say, New Mexico is a state filled with vast landscapes including mountains, deserts, steppes, and major rivers like the Rio Grande and the Pecos. Cities and towns are few and far between, but the ones you'll run across on Route 66 are awash in history and beauty.

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Just inside the New Mexico line, past Glenrio, a relatively new addition to the landscape is Russell’s Endee Truck & Travel Center, found on Interstate 40 exit 369. They not only have plenty of items for stocking up, but also a huge collection of classic cars, a museum, a Subway shop, a diner, and a convenience/grocery store that rivals anything for 100 miles.

It's a good idea to gas up at Russell's if you’re anywhere under half a tank – services get few and far between past here. There's a stop in tiny San Jon, and some ghost town-style relics to boot, but otherwise it's a haul westward on Route 66 or the adjacent I-40 with little in between.

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