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The next city up in northern Arizona is Winslow. Like many cities out West, the Old Route 66 is a multi-lane, one-way combination through the heart of town, with Interstate 40 serving as a modern-day bypass – for better and worse.

So where might have you heard of Winslow, Arizona? Perhaps in The Eagles' song "Take It Easy" – which recounts standing on a corner there, recalling a fine sight to see involving a girl in a flatbed Ford, my Lord.

Few cities have embraced a single mention within a hit song dating almost 40 years as much as Winslow has. Along Route 66 (eastbound) at North Kinsley Avenue, you'll find Standin' On The Corner Park – a salute to the song that made Winslow familiar to every country, pop, and classic rock fan in the country

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About 25 miles west of Winslow, travelers find the renowned Meteor Crater.

About 50,000 years ago (give or take), a piece of desert in modern-day Arizona was minding its own business when all of the sudden, a massive meteor traveling several miles per second crashed into the ground, sending clouds of rock, dirt, and dust thousands of feet into the air leaving a crater over 570 feet deep, 4,000 feet wide, and two miles in circumference. The violent collision is equal to roughly 20 million tons of TNT.

The Meteor Crater Visitor Center offers a museum on meteors with an interactive discovery center, the Astronaut Wall of Fame, an Apollo command module, and both indoor and outdoor areas for viewing the crater. It's quite a sight to see.

The Meteor Crater is actually privately owned, so it is not a national or state monument. Rather, it's a National Natural Landmark, achieving that designation in 1967. You can reach it via Exit 233 off I-40/Historic Route 66, and heading south about six miles.

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