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Prospectors – who helped establish an ore mine in 1874 – founded Hackberry, but the coolest thing for Route 66 roadtrippers is the Hackberry General Store. The store dates back to the early days of Route 66, when it helped travelers stock up on goods for what was then almost a full day's drive of 23 miles to Kingman.

Trivia: The railroad was Hackberry's first source of growth in the 1910s. According to the Hackberry General Store website, the town offered regular services to its residents "including a one-room schoolhouse, a post office, and two bordellos."

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An awesome mish-mosh of collectibles, refreshments, and memorabilia covering Route 66, this is a must-stop. Shop around inside (where the air conditioning alone is amazing during the warmer months), or walk the grounds for artifacts a'plenty, including old cars and equipment, a small oasis, and plenty of desert scenery. Check out, in particular, the mint 1957 Corvette in front.

Past Hackberry, it's a straight shot to Kingman, the biggest city since Flagstaff, and a great place to stock up on provisions.

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