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About 10 miles west of Vega in the tiny Panhandle town of Adrian, you hit an important milestone – the officially recognized halfway point of Route 66. You’re officially 1,139 miles from both Chicago and Los Angeles.

Commemorating this unique fact, the Midpoint Café, situated right across from the halfway point marker, opened in the 1930s and still operates today. One of the café's unique selling points, other than their location, is their famous pie. The crusts of these pies, while tasty, rarely turn out pretty. So instead of messing with a recipe, they simply call 'em as they see 'em – Ugly Crust Pies. It's even their website name.

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Another midpoint sign can be found in front of the Bent Door, a once bustling traveler stop built in 1947. And two more "official" markers note this halfway point as well: one was put up by Adrian locals, the other by AAA, a replica of the 1914 sign that marked the halfway point of the National Old Trails Road, which also comes through town.

From Adrian, Route 66 hops back onto Interstate 40 for the 21-mile hike to Glenrio on the New Mexico border.

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