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As you enter Vinita from the east, Route 66 quickly becomes Illinois Avenue. And it's not long after that you come across some of the city's must-see attractions and historic landmarks.

Clantons Café, for instance, is Vinita's premier Route 66 café. If you're ready for a bite to eat, check out their famous chicken fried steak, which was once featured in a gourmet magazine. On the side, the calf fries with horseradish sauce will surely leave you satisfied. Just look for the large "eat" sign outside the restaurant – you can't miss it.

Continuing along Illinois Avenue – and taking a minor detour from the Mother Road – the Eastern Trails Museum offers exhibits and artifacts showcasing the early pioneer years of Vinita and northern Oklahoma. Find out more about Oklahoma's second oldest city and how it was the first settlement in the area to have electricity.

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Route 66 continues through Vinita, eventually turning left on Wilson Street, and passing by the historic Center Theatre, opened in 1922. If you come through at night, the neon display outside impressively illuminates the street.

Vinita also features the Summerside Vineyards Winery & Meadery, the first along Route 66 since the winery-filled area in central Missouri. The winery itself is open from 9:30 a.m. to dusk each day, with tours available Saturdays at 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., and also by appointment.

At the Summerside Vineyards, Route 66 crosses under Interstate 44 once again. This is exit 289 along the interstate in case you were hopping on or off at this point. Here, the World's Largest McDonald's in terms of area ¬– over 29,000 square feet – is nearby. Consider it a side trip if you really want to see it, but note that I-44 is a toll road at this point and exits are few and far between.

From Vinita on west, Route 66 is also today's Oklahoma Highway 66 and is, for much of the stretch to Tulsa, a four-lane divided highway. Speed limits reach 65 miles per hour in some areas, so you can make some good time as you continue to motor west.

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