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Almost immediately after leaving Commerce, you’ll pick up on U.S. 69 again and enter the city of Miami. No, not Miami, Florida — and that's just fine with the Oklahoma residents of Miami. Here, it's pronounced "my-am-uh", and several tribes consider Miami their capital.

Hungry? Check out Waylan's Ku-Ku Burger, an iconic burger joint with a massive "Ku-Ku" clock – hence the name – and a ton of Route 66 memorabilia. It's a standout in an otherwise vast sea of chain stores and restaurants. Their cheeseburger deluxe was mighty tasty, and just the right size after a few cookies from the Dairy King a few miles back.

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The historic Coleman Theatre opened along Route 66 in 1929, two years after the "talkies" first appeared. Early visitors included Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and native Oklahoman Will Rogers. The "Mighty Wurlitzer" pipe organ alone is worth the visit.

Also, look out for the Miami Marathon Oil Company Service Station, also built in 1929. It's thought to be the oldest standing Marathon station in the nation. It's a beauty salon today, but the remnants combined with the replicas showcase the day when this place offered regular and ethyl gas instead of cuts and perms.

The Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum showcases over 25 vintage motorcycles, including a unique Australian model from 1919. Many of actor Steve McQueen's motorcycles, as well as personal racing trophies, are also featured here.

Heading south from Miami, follow U.S. 69 south out of town. Shortly after leaving town, crossing the Neosho River, and meeting up with U.S. 59, a sign will point out an Old Route 66 feature frequently showing up in spurts around these parts: smaller-scale sections of former highway from when it was first built through Oklahoma. In this case, you'll find a nine-foot wide stretch of road leading east from an intersection at E110 Road.

Beyond Miami, you cross Interstate 44 for the first time since leaving Springfield, Missouri. At this point, I-44 is a toll road in the form of the Will Rogers Turnpike; old Route 66 continues to serve as a free alternate to I-44. U.S. 59 and 69 eventually go their own ways and Route 66 joins U.S. 60 for the ride ahead.

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