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There are two features of note in Catoosa for the Route 66 traveler. One is the dual bridge over portions of the Arkansas River, which are both architecturally interesting and noteworthy in that they span an area leading to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa.

The other, which has something to do with water as well, is the famous Blue Whale, which delights children of all ages. Guests can walk through the whale's mouth and out onto its back over the pond. From there, head over to the building where you can donate money and pick up brochures filled with valuable information used to double as an "animal reptile kingdom" attraction spot.

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From Catoosa, Route 66 jumps onto Interstate 40 briefly before leaving again at Exit 240. Head south past Admiral Place for about a mile, then turn right onto east 11th Street for the ride into Tulsa. For several miles, it's a narrow, lower speed road until you reach civilization again – and when you do, you're in the big city.

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