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St. James

Further west, as Route 66 meets up with Interstate 44 again, you'll reach St. James, home to the Meramec Spring Park. This spring discharges 96 million gallons of water on an average day, and it's become a National Natural Landmark with karst topography, caves, and the ruins of an historic iron works.

St. James is also home to the popular St. James Winery, which has been around for over 40 years. The winery is located right along the traditional Route 66 west of downtown St. James. Today, St. James Winery vineyards covers over 300 acres and regularly distributes their wines across nine states. Winery tours are available seven days a week.

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Along I-44/Route 66 at Exit 189, you'll spot the Mule Trading Post. The neon mule, poking out from the building, has been an icon along Route 66 for quite some time. But even more noticeable is the tall "hillbilly" sign – rescued from a shuttered store near Devil's Elbow a while back, the hillbilly rolls his arms backwards, all day and all night, and certainly will get your attention.

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