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Rolla, pronounced "RAWL-uh", is a fun-filled college town and the next stop along your Route 66 journey through eastern Missouri.

As you roll into Rolla, take note of the Missouri University of Science & Technology, perhaps the town's most well known attraction, right along U.S. Highway 63. Moreover, the railroad (traditionally known by its colloquial name, the "Frisco"), today's I-44, and of course Historic Route 66, all help to make Rolla a center for transportation, as well as science and technology.

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Right along Route 66, which couples with U.S. Highway 63 throughout town, you'll notice a circular shaped series of granite stones. You may also notice it looks like a mini Stonehenge – and that's just what it is. The sun dances through it each day, with the angles helping the sunlight to hit the stones like a sundial.

Experience the scenic side of Rolla at the Mark Twain National Forest, easily accessed from Rolla along Route 66. It's the only national forest in Missouri, offering hundreds of miles of streams, trails, and other wilderness areas.

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1403 Martin Springs Drive (Route 66)
Rolla, MO 65401-2976
(573) 341-2511

Hooker Cut 4-Lane Highway: Exiting Rolla, keep your eyes peeled for a remote, four-lane stretch of Route 66 between Interstate 44 exits 169 and 163. This is one of the oldest and deepest sections of Old Route 66, slicing right through Hooker Cut.

Watch carefully for a "loop route" between Hooker Cut and the bridge over Big Piney River taking you to Devil's Elbow, which is named after a particularly dangerous area along the rive. Here, Route 66 is known as Teardrop Road. The original bridge over the river is the historic Devil's Elbow Bridge, opened in 1923. Today's "Route 66" alignment runs along the four-lane Highway Z, a safer and much wider place to cross the Big Piney River. The Elbow Inn is a popular stop for bikers along this original Route 66 alignment, which once buzzed with Model T's and other early cars crisscrossing the nation.

The 1923 alignment of Route 66 meets back up with the early 1940s four-lane section and together; they head up hills on the other side of the river to run adjacent to I-44 again approaching St. Robert.

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