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What to Pack

Since you will be moving from hotel to hotel daily, packing light is a great rule of thumb for a Route 66 road trip. Make sure your bag is easy to carry and that your items are easy to find, and easy to repack. Here’s some ideas for what should be in this bag:

  1. Comfortable clothes

    Being in the car for long hours, comfort is key. Be sure to check the weather in the areas you are planning on driving to ensure you bring the right attire. If you are traveling in summer, light, loose fitting clothes, shorts, tank tops and a hat are definite must haves. Bring a layer or two for cooler nights and a pair of athletic shoes for walking around in. If you plan on spending time in one of the big cities along the drive, than one nice outfit for a night out on the town should also find its way into your bag.

    Want to keep your bag ultra light? All Best Western Plus and Best Western Premier locations provide on-site laundry and/or same-day dry cleaning so you can wash your clothes on the road.

  2. Maps and Guides

    Route 66 is no longer an official highway, so it can be difficult to find on regular maps. The “Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series” is a good place to start, as is “Route 66: EZ66 GUIDE for Travelers”. You can also find PDFs of sections of the drive you can download to your phone in our state sections of the website. 

  3. Photo ID and license

    If you are traveling from abroad, be sure to carry your driver’s license in addition to your passport.

  4. Sun Gear

    If you plan on traveling the road in the warmer months, come prepared for hot days with sunscreen, sunglasses and head protection.

  5. In-Car Entertainment and Charging

    Check with the rental company to see what options the vehicle you are renting is equipped with. Satellite Radio, Bluetooth audio, iPod connectivity are all great options for listening to tunes on the open road, as are good old fashion CDs. Invest in a car charger for your phone and tablet, especially if you plan on using these devices for directions or music.

    If you are traveling with kids, be sure to have plenty of activities for them as well, including some that don’t include charging in case batteries run low.

  6. Emergency Supplies

    A first aid kit, flashlight, cash, blanket, and small battery operated radio can all be helpful if you have car or health trouble on the open road. Be sure to check your vehicle’s fluid levels and tire pressures before long driving days to reduce this risk.  

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